January 14, 2016

Finding Real Republicans

Help. I don't see a single one on the debate floor. Where is Rand Paul? I usually look to him for something that reminds me of the Republican values I learned as a child. The rest just sound like mean people, none are Presidential at all.

When did God and Country come to mean war and violence?

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November 16, 2015

Lost Opportunities

As we receive word that France has launched a military assault on Syria, we lost another opportunity to stem the threat of violence to the people of our world.  Again, a government responds with the ultimate price in the people of another land for the cost of life in their own.  The violence in this world makes me very sad for its victims, yet we are all the victims of government policies right now, and that needs to change.

I guess, I feel this way, France's response in bombing anyone in Syria is wrong.  Whether its a "terrorist" group or a nation-state, anyone who levies violence on the people of another nation is using violence to solve a conflict that needs to be resolved because the violence clearly indicates that there is a problem!

We are smarter and better than just using our brute force and violence to create our world, together we must tell our friends with violent mindsets that we can really do something different. 


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March 13, 2015

just random reading with a religious theme.

expand your reality.  read something new and random, it may even make sense.


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When The Christian Becomes Political

Just because there is a fierce tradition that must be upheld at keeping church and state separated, christianity is in its nature political.  The powers that be used the political system to prosecute and execute Jesus.  The same would likely happen today.

I was watching the movie 127 Hours and was struck again by the will to survive we have as humans.  The ability to do what it takes when no other options seem to be available, we are empowered to cut off the arm to save the body.

Christianity teaches us that the body all works together, one part is not more important than another  Yet, what if, the body was in the situation where the body CANNOT work together, that keeping a part of the body will destroy the entire body.  Do we take a lesson of survival and cut-off the part that poses the risk of non-survival to the entire body?

If you see our world today, with the toxic natural world we have created, with the peoples of the world at war, with poverty and mass incarcerations as being the design of Christianity, then you are likely the kind of Christian that does not believe in Jesus, really.  If you see our world today with all those things and can honestly say, 'I want it to change,' I would propose the following:  #GetMoneyOutOfPolitics.  That would be the arm I would cut off to save the rest of the body.

It does not matter what anyone of us individually believes our government should do, the truth is, our government will be created from those participating in the process of creating government -- IF ....

IF ... participation is not rendered in an unfair game.

Today, the voices of the People are silenced and nulled by the voice of $$$ for too many elected officials who are too vulnerable in the "regular business of politics".  Equalizing the voice of the People once again, requires our differences to empower us to support a level field of debate once again to create a government by participatory consent.  I believe everyone will participate once again if it means that their efforts really do matter.

I think Jesus would agree that may work.

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November 19, 2014

"The Noble Wife Ring" and This Blog

Once upon a time, I joined "The Noble Wife Ring" for a very broadly defined "christian" themed blogs of wives -- this Blog was my offering.  I am still a "wife," I'm just a former wife or an "ex-wife" instead of a "wife" now.

Yes, it has been over a year now since we officially "cancelled our marriage."  And, officially, on June 22, 2013, that's what we agreed to do, cancel our marriage.  The redefinition of one another no longer as husband and wife, has been a long process that we have been working on probably harder than we ever worked on our marriage.

That last statement made me sad.  Yet it's true.  Mostly, I think, because for those final years we were working on our marriage to try to make it work, but really as we did that, we did the work on ourselves and discovered that we don't really want to be married (as we now understand that concept) to one another.

Will we always be the parents of our daughter and work together for her benefit, absolutely.  Will we always be friends, yes, but maybe not the 'best friends' that married couples have to be in order to have the most intimate relationship possible.

So, I'm a noble former wife -- as we do not use the terms "Ex-Wife" and "Ex-Husband" so that others may not automatically ascribe the types of stereotypes those expressions most often held by so many who have lived through the hell of divorce.  We enjoyed a very simple cancellation and are reforming our co-parenting relationship from there.

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Keystone Choices

Sanity prevailed.

The True Stewards of God's Creation of Mother Earth have stepped forward and will continue to do so to defeat all those who would come against and destroy the beauty of nature that sustains life as it was created.

Human advancements notwithstanding, there comes a time when "OK.  That is enough." is the measure of the day.

Beyond that comes those seven deadly sins we always hear about but never seem to want to recognized when they start to rear their ugly heads -- in fact, I don't even think that by the time we recognize them, we can see them for ourselves.

When its really time to take action, we need help seeing the insidious integration of those sins and how they manifest in our world, often in the minute nuances of our realities that create a spectrum upon which other's may see and warn us of the fruits of those sins when they appear once again present choices.

Gluttony, Vanity, Pride and Greed are most definitely the ones taking center stage in the battle for the life of our natural world.  Keystone was defeated today, let's hope that we have chosen for our KEY to be protection of that which we have been given stewardship over and that we put to rest and restore in balance to bear the fruits of the spirit and a healthy planet once more.  To harken the warning is to take action to do what our planet calls the True Stewards to take care of now:  #ClimateActionNow

WWJD?  Jesus would be an environmental activist, of course!  what do you think he would do?!

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September 28, 2014

a Jeremiah moment

"a Jeremiah moment" is when YOU are the one needing to support that which you are told not to support, yet you know its right to support now or you won't want to forgive yourself.

as the daughter said, "but I learned it from you," jer3:4, why didn't the story continue, "so the father asked her about it?" which is probably what happened right?

or did we not learn in the nu testament that by merely replacing judgment with love all those bad things Jeremiah wrote about are prevented?  and we can do that this tym?

or maybe there was a negligence in that communication?  who knows.  i see Jeremiah is, imho, like Isaiah, our tools to heal the broken father, broken man, inner parent of authority, spirit of the egomaniac perfectionist, etc.  who forgot perfection was in the daily effort, not in the past. 

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May 19, 2014

true stewards

in just about an hour, the secretary of the us department of energy and the gas of the EPA are going to talk about the earth and the threats we created to its natural balance it created for our survival.

to find a nu balance that implements a true stewardship requires each of us to make personal choices steeped in conscious thoughts of the most conservative kind: safety first, waste not want not, and clean up after yourself.

our current energy policies do not incorporate those basic notions anymore.

its time to reclaim true stewardship of the creation we were given for that purpose.

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March 11, 2014

on trinity

because you can know the truth.

because you can even speak the truth.

yet, until you live the truth and experience it for yourself, you are still guessing about your conclusions.

a truthful person will confirm what you know is true from experience, yet, always know your source.

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